Compassionate, Akhanda Yoga classes focusing on relaxation and infused with healing energy. All classes are appropriate for all levels. I am an intuitive yoga teacher offering just what is needed for each person in the class. 

Class Location: St Andrews-31 King St. Picton

Tuesdays: 6:30pm-8:00pm-Starting October 5, 2021

Thursdays: 10:00am-11:30am-Starting October 7, 2021

*Please bring your own props; mats, blankets, pillows etc.

*Please wear a mask entering the church, once on your mat you may choose to remove it.

*Mats will be distance more then 6 feet apart

*Sign in at the front stating that you are free from covid19 symptoms, and provide a phone # for contact tracing.

I am hoping to get a commitment from you for 2 months at a time. You don’t need to pay for both months up front if you are not able to. The cost will be $80 1 month or $150 for 2 months.

Please send etransfer to to secure your spot.

There will be 10 spots in each class, I am sorry but I am not able to have you switch to another classes if you are unable to come to a class.

If I have to cancel a class I will offer it on a different day at the same time as the canceled class.

If our classes are canceled due to new covid19 restrictions I will offer zoom classes on the same days and times as your class.

Please feel to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Much love and blessings ❤



2 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Hi there! I’ve been looking for yoga classes in the evening! Can I just drop in? Tuesday are at 6:30 and Thursday’s are 6 pm?

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