Meditation CD Has Arrived!


Get your copy of Happy Souls Meditations From The Heart. Now available at The Bean Counter in Picton, Happy Souls Yoga & Healing Arts Studio (Lake on the Mountain) and at the Gilead Studio in Bloomfield .  The digital copy will be ready for download in a couple of weeks.  CD’s are $15, Digital copy is $12.

Guided meditations from the heart of Karen Hotston, infused with healing energy for a joyful peaceful spirit. Accompanied by blissful music (composed by the awesome Steve Gaw) to soothe the mind, body and soul. Track 1 – Morning Meditation, 2 – Healing Meditation, 3 – Connecting With The Earth & Universe, 4 – Meditation For Sleep. The CD is about 78 mins.

Blessings,  Karen


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