Happy Souls Yoga ~ Poem~

Happy Souls Yoga

Our yoga is different not like the books
We are all about comfort
And care little for looks
Using pillows and props
Our poses safe and strong
Practicing with no expectations
Everyone feels they belong
Our bodies aren’t perfect
Not one is the same
Acceptance and laughter
Is the name of the game
With joy in our hearts
The vibrations of Om
Sounds so harmonious
Bringing us home
This is why we practice
Why we keep coming back
Overcoming many obstacles
To get onto the mat
For it is our true nature
Deep in our heart
To feel one with our “Self”
Not separate or apart
This is the yoga at Happy Souls
With eye bags, and bolsters and brass singing bowls
If it’s a little peace that you are after
Come join us you’ll see
That the journey is not as hard, as you thought it might be.

Inspired by all the beautiful souls who have joined my classes
Karen Hotston

140 - Copy

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