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What an amazing place!

There is such contrary in India – of peacefulness and  busy streets and markets, beautiful scenery and open sewers, lavish temples and shacks/tents. The people are warm and friendly. I am adjusting to life in the Ashram. The bells ring at 5:00am, meditation is at 5:20 am and the day starts. Usually the day ends around 7:00pm but if there is chanting/kiritan it will last to about 9:00pm. Here are some more pics. And more monkeys for Jesse and Alex. I believe the hardest part of being here is being away from my family, I miss them horribly, but if it weren’t for them I would not be here in the first place. I know Dave’s doing a wonderful job!

CIMG0256 CIMG0258 CIMG0261 CIMG0262 CIMG0263 CIMG0272 CIMG0273 CIMG0274

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Made it

OMG what a long flight made it to the hotel in Delhi, it is 0125 am. Off to Rishikesh tomorrow! I’m OK!!!

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