One more sleep!

I can’t believe it’s here all ready. The time seemed to fly by! My flight departs Toronto @ 6:30pm tomorrow. I have a 3 hour stop over in Amsterdam then I arrive in Delhi at 11:30pm Feb.1. I stay over night in Delhi then I’m taking a bus to the Ashram departing at 7:00am.It’s a 6 hour ride to Rishikesh. My plan is to post weekly, hope it will all work out.

6 thoughts on “One more sleep!

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Miss you all ready and you haven’t even left the county!
    Love you lots and be good to yourself.

  2. Hi Karen:
    Loved the pictures. Keep sending them.
    The kids are fine and so is Dave.
    We all miss you but time will fly and you will be home soon.
    Enjoy this experience.
    Ron and Helen

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